Aconcagua, South America  •  January 2007

Nicki's Updates from Aconcagua

January 15, 2007  •  Summited and Safe in High Camp

Nicki reports that their team summited Aconcagua today in perfect weather and were safely down in high camp at 20,000' where it's currently snowing. They had a tough approach to the mountain through the Vacas Valley where a critical bridge was out, so they had to do quite a bit of bush whacking and challenging river crossings.

Evidently there's a dog in high camp who summited with another group. Hard to say if he's just a recreational mountaineer or attempting to become the first Canine Seven Summiter...

All is well, and the team plans to start heading down and off the mountain tomorrow.

January 11, 2007  •  All Well at Camp 1

Nicki called in to report that they were doing well at Camp 1 today at 17,000' and planning to move up to Camp 2 at 18,000' tomorrow. The satellite call then got cutoff, so that's all the news for now.

January 2, 2007  •  Steaks in Mendoza

Well we had a small problem with four people missing luggage, ack, but it's been found so we are back on track for leaving Mendoza today and heading off to Los Penitentes to start our three day trek in tomorrow. We are going up the Vacas Valley, the False Polish Route if all goes well. We have two teams on this expedition. Scott, Laurie and I are one, then guide Chris has clients Steve from Oregon, Andy and Noel from Scotland. We all met yesterday and had a fantastic dinner with the best beef steaks in the world here in Mendoza. It's quite warm here, but we all feel fine so far. Can't wait to start the three day trek in to Plaza Argentina, then setting up 4 camps above that, then finally summit day. Until later!


December 31, 2006  •  Heading Off for the Highest Peak in South America

I'm off to South America now to attempt Aconcagua and hopefully the weather will smile upon us. That mountain is tough, with a low percentage of those making the summit, like 40-50%. So after going through all the pre-trip emotions of uncertainty and anxiety, I'm now determined to just have the best time I can on that mountain. I promised Jordan, my 11 yr old son I would climb safe and come home if I'm sick or need to abandon the climb. He was satisfied with that and again wants me to take his stuffed polar bear to the summit as a memory he is always with me. I'm leaving San Diego, then on to Los Angeles, Lima Peru, Santiago Chile, then Mendoza Argentina. So I'm ready to go mentally, after battling a head cold and flu physically these last two weeks. Not in the peak of top physical form but heck, maybe I will get better when I get there and start trekking in! I can only hope. Happy New Years!


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