DreamQuests Dog Sledding in Minnesota

DreamQuest: Dog Sledding

Come experience winter in the northwoods of Minnesota with the very best ambassadors of snow and outdoor enthusiasts — Alaskan Huskies! Dogsledding is an open invitation to wildness and terrific fun. The dogs are skilled veterans, patient and well versed in working with "rookies." They are friendly and huggable and extremely well cared for (following trips, many women declare they want to be reincarnated as one of our sled dogs). Learn to harness the dogs; hitch them to the gangline; and drive the team.

Your accommodations are cozy and warm — a bunkhouse cabin nestled in the woods with comfy beds and a warm woodstove. The Finnish sauna is right down the trail, complete with aromatic pine and juniper oils. We gather at the main cabin to eat delicious meals, share stories of the day, or cozy up with one of the retired sled dogs that lives inside (on the couch). The beautiful northwoods trails are private and groomed meticulously.

Your guides for this trip are long-time mushers and teachers who love to share this incredible sport and way of life with you. Kathleen Anderson has been running dogs and teaching mushing for decades; Chris Heeter of the Wild Institute has been mushing and teaching dogsledding also for decades, and recently participated in her first 38 mile dogsled race.

Though you do not need any prior dogsledding experience, know that the dogs are large and strong, and will likely pull you rather hard and perhaps knock you down a time or two in their enthusiasm to get to the sled or give you a hug. Driving the sled requires a little balance and a little upper body strength, but mostly it takes an adventurous spirit. Women of many ages and shapes and sizes have joined us and fallen in love with dogsledding!

The Wild Institute carefully designs trips that combine fun and adventure, with time to relax and unwind. Many women choose our trips, in part, out of a desire for some quiet reflection time, the camaraderie of other wonderful women, and to connect with nature. This trip combines the joy of romping in the snow with the introspection of the hibernating season. Activities include: dogsledding, ski-jouring, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing; and plenty of time to simply relax and enjoy the silence of the northwoods in the winter, or cozy up with a book by the woodstove.

What to bring: When you register, you'll receive a detailed packing list, so you'll be sure to have what you need. We stay in a cozy cabin with a woodstove. You bring only your personal gear, sleeping bag, and skis/snowshoes (if you have them).

Meals: Food and comfort matter! Play outside…eat a lot, one of the gifts of winter activities. Delicious, primarily vegetarian meals with canned and stored produce from the organic gardens.

Fees cover: $695 includes a cook, dogs, equipment, fabulous and hearty food, lodging, and guides with decades of experience.

Schedule: Dates are January 18-21, 2008. Arrive at 1:00 on Friday, January 18. We'll get started by introducing you to the wonderful dogs. The rest of the trip will be filled with dogsledding, skiing, snowshoeing, taking sauna, eating fabulous meals, and relaxing by the woodstove. The trip ends on Monday, January 21 after lunch.

Location: The trip is located at Wintermoon in Brimson, outside of Two Harbors in northeastern Minnesota. It is Kathleen Anderson's home, centered around her 35+ sled dogs and a beautiful Finnish homestead that she re-built. Nestled deep in the northwoods, with solar panels, hand pump, woodstoves, Finnish sauna, and a comfortable outhouse (no kidding), you will be a part of a much simpler, less complicated way of life.

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