Kilimanjaro Climb, Africa  •  December 2006

Nicki's Updates from Kilimanjaro

December 7, 2006  •  Nicki Summits

I made it. I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro at 12/7 at 7:15am. It was very hard, tiring, tested my limits and determination.

19,000 feet is no fun.

"Why did I decide to do this?" i thought as i was climbing up!!!???

A snowstorm hit us about half the way up at 3am when we were crystals hitting face,etc. at least it was good training for the other mountains. we were frozen. pics should be fun.

I'm down and alive... but it was definitely hard. scott said i did great though. we summited in 6.5 hrs and it normally takes most folks 10. so he was happy by my performance. the porters all said i was very cool and strong.

Off to safari for two days and to recover then on to home!

Out from Kilimanjaro, Africa,

December 1, 2006  •  Ready to Go

Just arrived in arusha and will be leaving tomorrow... scott said there will be No communications for the next 6-8 days or so... until we get back here...

He said it will be raining every day as we climb and we will be taking the marangu route. so we will be in alot of rain, and mud and he said there is alot of snow on Kili... which will be harder to deal with up high... our feet will be cold but we can do it.

So you won't hear from me for several days, take care... im doing well and ready to go!


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